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Fax & Medical Records Coordinator

Why choose MedScript as Fax & Medical Records Coordinator?

EMR Data Entry

Streamlines patient information input, cutting down entry times significantly. Our dedicated onsite staff will handle this task efficiently, ensuring accurate and prompt data recording in the Electronic Medical Records system, ultimately enhancing healthcare workflow and patient care quality.

Avoid HIPAA Violations

Clinics can prevent HIPAA violations by sending patient records through a secure shared file system. This safeguards patient information from ending up in the wrong hands and helps evade potential penalties associated with HIPAA violations. Prioritizing data security is essential for healthcare organizations.

Save Time

Reduce the time handling the documents that arrive at the fax. This allows your onsite staff to prioritize delivering the best experience for your patients. Streamlining document management not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that patient care remains the top priority.

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Core Features

Five Top Reasons Why Hiring a us

  • Quick Response Time
  • Reduce the Burden on Administrative Staff
  • Help Improve the Patient Experience
  • Generate a Favorable ROI
  • Outsourcing Benefits = Infrastructure Cost Savings
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