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Clinical Call Center

Clinical Call Center Services

Having us be your first line of defense with inbound calls will free up your onsite staff as we schedule and reschedule current patients, transfer to particular extensions, and take messages.

Health Plans want your Voicemail TAT to be 30-90 minutes. Our dedicated voicemail operators will evaluate messages and keep you in compliance with your health plans.

Efficient clinic appointment scheduling services streamline patient bookings, reducing wait times, improving patient satisfaction, and enhancing clinic operations. These services optimize your clinic's schedule, ensuring optimal use of resources while providing convenience to patients.

Triage calls to departments is a critical process in healthcare, ensuring that patients are directed to the right specialists promptly. It enhances patient care, reduces wait times, and optimizes resource allocation for efficient healthcare delivery.

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Core Features

Five Top Reasons Why Hiring a Call Center

  • Quick Response Time
  • Reduce the Burden on Administrative Staff
  • Help Improve the Patient Experience
  • Generate a Favorable ROI
  • Outsourcing Benefits = Infrastructure Cost Savings
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