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Pharmacy Outsourcing Services

Prescription Data Entry

Precision in Prescription Data Entry. Our expert team excels in accurately inputting vital prescription details, guaranteeing timely and error-free medication delivery. We handle drug names, dosages, and administration frequencies with meticulous care, ensuring patients receive their medications with confidence and on schedule. Your prescription accuracy is our priority.

Refill Request Management

Efficient Refill Request Management: Simplify the process with our streamlined system. We handle medication refills promptly and accurately. Patients can submit requests effortlessly, and our responsive team ensures they receive their prescriptions without delays. Trust us for hassle-free medication refills, providing peace of mind for both patients and healthcare providers.

Medication Prior Authorization

Streamlined Access to Essential Care. Our dedicated team simplifies the prior authorization process, ensuring swift approvals for necessary medical treatments. We navigate the paperwork, liaise with healthcare providers, and expedite the authorization, so you can focus on your health without delays. Your well-being is our top priority.

Patient Call (In & Out Bound)

Inbound and Outbound Excellence. Our dedicated team conducts professional and compassionate calls, addressing patient concerns and providing vital information. Inbound, we're here to listen and assist. Outbound, we reach out with reminders and follow-ups, ensuring top-notch care and seamless communication for your patients.

Batch Billing | Batch Filling

Experience streamlined efficiency with our Batch Billing and Batch Filling services. Simplify complex billing processes and expedite prescription filling. Our seamless solutions save you time and resources, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Elevate your operations with our comprehensive batch services today.

Healthcare Marketing

Our team will conduct marketing on your behalf. Our team will call provider offices, facilities, and patients to increase prescription flow.

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MedScript is a company that specializes in providing pharmacy backend services. They offer services such as prescription data entry, refill request management, medication prior authorization, and patient call handling (inbound and outbound).

Outsourcing these services to MedScript can help pharmacies streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. MedScript's expertise and focus on pharmacy backend work can lead to better accuracy and compliance with industry regulations.

MedScript typically employs stringent security measures and complies with healthcare data privacy regulations like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). They use secure data transmission protocols, encryption, and access controls to protect sensitive patient information.

Patient call management includes handling inquiries, medication-related questions, and outbound calls for prescription reminders or follow-ups. Outsourcing this to MedScript can improve patient engagement, adherence, and satisfaction while allowing pharmacy staff to focus on other critical tasks.
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