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Healthcare Medical Billing Service

Medical billing is a complex process that involves various parties at the various stages. The core of this process is that healthcare providers or their billing partners submit medical claims for the service rendered in a specific format to the multiple payers. The billers need to stay in communication with insurance companies or government agencies to ensure timely reimbursement. It is not an easy task and involves a lot of obstacles.

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Covering medical marketing to claim denial to AR days issue.

Medical Billing Solutions

Whether you belong to any of the following specialties, we have the ultimate Health IT Solution for you.

Clinical & Administrative

The management of all the non-clinical functions involved in operating a healthcare facility like Authorization Processing & Tracking, Fax Management, Records Review etc.

Pharmacy Benefit Management

We provide remote services that streamline your office processes so you no longer have to juggle responsibilities while taking care of patients.

Medical Credentialing

We take care of the expansive paperwork, eliminate confusion and follow-up with insurance companies and continue until the job is finished.

Revenue Cycle Management

Whether you are a single health care provider or a group practice, we can help you achieve advance business performance with our medical billing revenue cycle management service.

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Medical Billing Specialties

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